My First Muharram – Dr. Rebecca Masterton

Dr. Rebecca Masterton was a Sunni Muslim. After a visit of Haram of Seyyedeh Zeinab in Syria, she found new things in Islam. See the following interesting video, in which she describes her experience of converting to Shia.

Some sentences of the interview:
I can detect that there are something different in the Haram of Seyyede Zeinab (SA).
You can just feel something different in Haram from other places in the city.
It was raining in the day of Ashura in Tehran and I was thinking, you know, the sky is crying for Imam Hussein (AS).
After return to London I start going to the Majalis of Imam Hussein (AS).
In Majalis, they were recounting the details of the history of Karbala.
He (professor) was giving a series over the ten nights [of Muharram].
I am pleased with your decree, Imam Hussein (AS) said…
[After hearing the lectures] I realized that sacrifice of Imam Hussein (As) is essential to Islam… It was a necessary sacrifice for us to realize the truth of the message of Islam.
You can’t really understand the proper message of Islam, Tohid, if you don’t understand the sacrifice of Imam Hossein(AS)
Some one make a comment online: well you know, lots of people died in Hiroshima, so why you crying on this number of people who died in the battle of Karbala?
The issue is not about numbers. Its about what the Imam stood for. Its about Imams purity, innocence…


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