Peace be upon Hossein, O Martyr of Allah

Peace be on you, O Abaa Abdullah, and on those souls who came to your camp to put themselves at your disposal. So far I am alive and the days and nights follow each other I invoke Allah to send blessings on you for ever and ever. May Allah not make my this pledge of close association, physical as well as spiritual, with you the last fulfillment. Peace be on Hussein, and on Ali son of Hussein, and on the children of Hussein, and on the friends of Hussein.[Part of Ziarat Ashura of Imam Hussein]

We are in Muharram, the first month of Arabs. Once upon a time in similar days, in 61 AH, Imam Hussein, the third Imam of Shiites, and his little followers were martyred in a brutally manner.

Hossein (as) is grandson of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He was invited by about 18000 people to dethrone the harlot leader, Yazid. But Ebne Ziad the leader of Kufa (a city in Iraq under supervision of Yazid) scared people in a manner that almost all of them returned from their idea and leaved Hussein alone and even fight with him! Finally happened what happened:

Hussein and 72 persons of his followers were against the enemy army of about 30,000 warriors. They were all martyr in a very brutally manner that no one experienced before. Although they were in a place between two rivers but the enemy were closed the path to rivers and they were thirsty for about 3 days. There were some children over there; specially one infant child, Ali Asghar (as) which killed while he was on hands of his father Hossein (as) asking water for him!

Since then each year Shiites mourn for Hussein and his followers at Muharram and specially Ashura the 10th day of Muharram in which AbaAbdellah Al Hussein (as) martyred.

We are waiting for Imam Mahdi (aj) to come and take avenge of Hussein, Insha’Allah.

Imam Mahdi (as): I will lament for you morning and evening and weep for you with tears of blood.

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