Imam Mahdi(as) from Sunni point of view

Even if the entire duration of the world’s existence has already been exhausted and only one day is left before Doomsday (Day of judgment), Allah will expand that day to such a length of time, as to accommodate the kingdom of a person out of my Ahlul-Bayt who will be called by my name. He will then fill out the earth with peace and justice as it will have been full of injustice and tyranny before then. Sahih Tirmidhi along with 24 other Sunni sources
Jamkaran Mosque, A Mosque under Imam Mohammad AlMahdi's Attention
This narrative is very similar to those of Shiites but Sunnis think that Imam Mahdi (AS) is not alive and it may not be born yet. We on the other hand say that Mahdi (AS) is alive and he is son of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) the 11th Imam of Shiites. This confirms the above narrative that emphasizes Imam Mahdi is from Ahlul-Bayt.

Congratulation On Ghadir Feast

Today is the most important feast of Shiites. About 1400 years ago, the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) introduced Ali (AS) as the first Imam to Muslims in his farewell pilgrimage. The event was occurred in the return path from pilgrimage (Hajjatul-Wada) in a place called “Ghadir e Khom“:
In Ghadir, the Prophet (PBUH) held up the hand of ‘Ali and said:

“For whoever I am his Leader (mawla), ‘Ali is his Leader (mawla).”

After his speech, the Messenger of Allah [PBUH] asked everybody to give the oath of allegiance to ‘Ali [as] and congratulate him. Among those who did so was ‘Umar b. al-Khattab, who said: “Well done Ibn Abi Talib! Today you became the Leader (mawla) of all believing men and women.”
It is interesting to know, about ۷۰ days after this day, the Prophet went to the mercy of God and some ambitious people forgotten their oath and select Abubakr as leader of the Muslims and a new branch of Muslims was formed known as Sunni. They do not believe in Imam (Ali and his sons) as innocent people that can show the right path to Allah and truly interpret Qoran, and say that we use our wisdom and find the right path. They say Qoran is sufficient itself and we do not require Imam to interpret it.
But it is more interesting to know that they still expect Imam Mahdi (AJ) to be appear as their Imam!
The event of Ghadir is so clear that no one can deny it. But Sunny people interpret the word “mawla” as “friend” and believe that the Prophet said please like Ali and his sons. And I tell that you can find the truth if you want!
In my opinion its so ridiculous to believe in Mahdi (AJ) as a son of Fatemah (sa) and Ali (as) but don’t believe in Ali and his sons as Imams of the ummah.

Mahdi (AJ) and Jesus

Today I read a narrative that shows Jesus will pray behind Mahdi (AS)

Imam Sadeq (AS) Said:

One day, prophet Muhammad came to his companions with happiness and smiles. People said: Allah keep you happy and augment your euphoria(tell why you are happy).
Prophet (PBUH) said: There is no day nor night but rather I receive a gift from God and today indeed my Lord gave me a gift that never gave like it before: Gabriel came to me and delivered greetings of my Lord and told me: Oh Muhammad, Allah (mighty and the majestic) chose seven people among tribe of Bani Hashim who no one like them created in the past nor in the future;  (they are) You Messenger of Allah, the master of prophets, and Ali ibne Abitalib, your executor master of executors, and Hassan and Hussein your grandchildren master of grandchildren, and Hamze your uncle master of martyrs, and Ja’far your cousin that fly everywhere in heaven with angels, and excelency Qaem[1] that Jesus son of Mary will pray behind him when the Lord descend him to the earth. And he is of the race of Ali (AS) and Fatima (SA) and children of Hussein (AS).
Source: Rozat o AlKafi, Narrative 10
[۱] Qaem is a name of Mahdi (as).

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The arrival is near

According to narratives, Imam will be emerged when the world is full of oppression and the people are tired from unjust rulers. There are several signs for the arrival of Imam that most of them have been occurred. Some of these signs are:

  • The dark of night will not be deemed necessary for the commitment of sins.
  • Gambling will be prevalent.
  • Earthquakes and Volcano’s and other natural disasters shall be common.
  • False witnesses will be accepted and true ones rejected
  • Children will curse their parents and will pray for their early death.
  • Homosexuality will be prevalent

Mr. Shafiei Sarvestani, a Mahdism expert says: From 1200 signs of the arrival only five signs remain.
Based on the narratives I think these five signs are:

Exit of Seyyed Khorasani and Yamani, heavenly voice that justifies legitimacy of Mahdi (AS), Murder of Zakieh (holy) breath, dive of Sefyani troops in the area of Beyda’ (desert between Mecca and Medina) and appearance of Dajjal.

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Why we require Imam?

  • In everything we need a criteria to find how much our work is correct. We mark something as goal and evaluate our work against it.
  • In every new road we require a leader to help us understanding the road.
  • In every science we need some professionals to teach us new things and expand our knowledge.
Now, what do you think about our religious beliefs? Do not we require a criteria? A leader? A professional? A goal?
If we require, who can be the best leader? Who can guide us in the right way to Allah? Who can set the criteria?
A president or a governor? A pope or a Khalifa? Which one? Did you think about it?
All these people may be good, but they may make mistakes! and if we rely on them as our leader we also may make mistakes because we don’t know when they are going wrong and when they do the correct?
We should select someone which is innocent, never do a mistake and kind to the human. A complete person.
We need an Imam taking our hands and help us towards Allah in the best way, simplest path. And this is the meaning of Serat Al Mostaghim (right path) which we, as Muslim, repeat in each praying.
“WHOEVER dies without knowing the imam of his time, dies the death of Jahiliyya.”
This is a hadeeth narrated from the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Jafar ibn Abi Talib has described Jahiliyya like this:
“We were a people in a state of ignorance and immorality, worshipping idols and eating the flesh of dead animals, committing all sorts of abomination and shameful deeds. Breaking the ties of kinship, treating guests badly and the strong among us exploited the weak.”
In this hadeeth the prophet (saw) is warning us. Whoever admits there is no God but Allah, prays 5 times a day, fasts Ramadan, gives zakat and goes on hajj… but dies without knowing the imam of his time… has died as if he was in jahilliya. Someone can be equated with a person of the worst ignorance if he does not know his imam.
KNOWING OUR IMAM is a very important part of Islam, without which our entire identity as a Muslim is lacking.

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