Mahdi (AJ) and Jesus

Today I read a narrative that shows Jesus will pray behind Mahdi (AS)

Imam Sadeq (AS) Said:

One day, prophet Muhammad came to his companions with happiness and smiles. People said: Allah keep you happy and augment your euphoria(tell why you are happy).
Prophet (PBUH) said: There is no day nor night but rather I receive a gift from God and today indeed my Lord gave me a gift that never gave like it before: Gabriel came to me and delivered greetings of my Lord and told me: Oh Muhammad, Allah (mighty and the majestic) chose seven people among tribe of Bani Hashim who no one like them created in the past nor in the future;  (they are) You Messenger of Allah, the master of prophets, and Ali ibne Abitalib, your executor master of executors, and Hassan and Hussein your grandchildren master of grandchildren, and Hamze your uncle master of martyrs, and Ja’far your cousin that fly everywhere in heaven with angels, and excelency Qaem[1] that Jesus son of Mary will pray behind him when the Lord descend him to the earth. And he is of the race of Ali (AS) and Fatima (SA) and children of Hussein (AS).
Source: Rozat o AlKafi, Narrative 10
[۱] Qaem is a name of Mahdi (as).

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