Bayyenat 4.6

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful

Like your body your mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings. Imam Ali (AS)

Every Muslim like to get more familiar with the culture of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his Ahle-Beyt (AS). However, our modern living doesn’t allow every one to have regular religious readings. Today we are more accustomed to the digital world, and prefer to sit behind our PC or tablet and read the concise digital documents instead of large and heavy paper books.

Bayyenat is a wallpaper manager software, developed for the windows OS in order to expand the religious knowledge. In Bayyenat, every wallpaper is decorated with a Hadith (saying) from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) or one of his successors (Caliphs). You can set a path for wallpapers and another path for the narrations text file and Bayyenat will merge the two and produce an interesting wallpaper. You can set the program to change the wallpaper in specified intervals. Moreover you can change several attributes of the Hadith and its English translation, like: font, color, shadow, position in the desktop and its background. Finally you may select the Arabic text to be shown or not; to this end, set the Arabic font size to 0. The same can happened for English text.

The current release of the Bayyenat contains about 3200 narrations from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). These Hadiths are taken from the Nahj-ol-Fasaha book. In the near future, several verses from Qoran and various hadiths from other sources such as Nahj-ol-Balagha and other important books of Shia and Sunni like Osule-Kafi and Vasael-Alshia of Shia and Sahihe-Bukhari and Sahihe-Muslim of Sunni will be added.

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Download Bayyenat 5 Free Hadith Wallpaper Manager

Some pictures of the Bayyenat and its output images

Islamic Quote - Bayyenat Wallpaper

Sample wallpaper produced by Bayyenat on top of Windows 10 wallpaper

Bayyenat - Free Islamic Wallpaper ManagerBayyenat Religious Wallpaper Manager Bayyenat Religious Wallpaper Manager Bayyenat English, Sample Image decorated with Texts of the Prophet and ImamsDownload Bayyenat 5.0 Free Hadith Wallpaper Manager


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