Self Flagellation in Ashura

Ashura in Google

Every time I look at Google for the word Ashura or Ashoora, I see lots of bloody photos of people who are flagellating themselves with chains of blades, sword, knife or other sharp metal things! Now the question is that:

Is Self Flagellation in Ashura Legal in Shia Religion?

Is this the truth about Shia and Ashura? That means do all the Shia Muslims flagellate themselves during Ashura? It seems so crazy and unbelievable, since I am a Shia Muslim and I never did it and never see somebody flagellate himself during Ashura in our Shia cities during my life! So why Google shows these Images in its first page and why it never filters them while they contain violent and rough images.
Answer is so clear. Google doesn’t like Shia thoughts to be spread throughout the world. Google is under supervision of Zionists and it is not acceptable for them that Shia, the religion of resistance and the true enemies of Israel (e.g. Hizbullah, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq) have a good face in Google results! So it shows images of Hindu men that believe in No Pain, No Gain and mutilate themselves in Muharram procession!
Self-flagellation is forbidden in Shia during Ashura

Most of those people flagellating themselves are Hindu, not Shia. Self-flagellation is forbidden in Shia according to Fatwas of their grand Ayatollahs like Imam Khamenei and Aytullah Sistani ( )

ادامه‌ی خواندن


شهادت امام علی و شب قدر ۱۴۳۶

شهادت مولای متقیان، امیر مومنان، اولین امام شیعیان، امام علی علیه السلام تسلیت باد.

کَانَ أَمِیرُالْمُؤْمِنِینَ ع یَقُولُ: نَبِّهْ بِالتَّفَکُّرِ قَلْبَکَ وَ جَافِ عَنِ اللَّیْلِ جَنْبَکَ وَ اتَّقِ اللَّهَ رَبَّکَ

امام علی علیه السلام می فرمود: با تفکر دل خود را بیدار ساز و در شب پهلو از بستر خواب بدور دار، و از الله، پروردگارت پرواکن

AmirAlmomenin Imam Ali (as):
Make your heart alive by thinking and wake up at night (for worship) and be fearful of Allah, your lord
Osule Kafi, Vol 3, P 91, Saying 1

shia, shia art, shia truth حقیقت شیعه - حدیث از امام علی در باب تفکر - عکس با حدیث از امامان - با تفکر قلب خود را بیدار کن - شب قدر - Make your heart alive by thinking - Imam Ali - Night of Qadr

Shia Truth: Hadith of Imam Ali about Thinking

قدر شب قدر (۱۳۹۴) را بدانیم و به فرموده امام خامنه ای برای همه دعا کنیم: ادامه‌ی خواندن