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Why Shia Are Muslims?

I was searching web for the phrase “Shia Islam” and unexpectedly I found an image saying Shias are not Muslims!!

It was in a website from DAESH (ISIS) that are roots of terror in the world and destroyed the human face of Islam. DAESH people are Wahhabis, the followers of Bani Ummayyah who killed Imam Hussein (as), grand son of the Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and master of the youth of Heaven.

Now these wild and ugly-face people say that Shia are Kafir! So funny.

Shia believes in Allah and prophecy of Muhammad (sawa). They also believe in the day of Judgement. They pray towards Kaba and have the same Quran as other Muslims. So they are Muslims.

Why Shia Are True Muslims?

Furthermore there are a lot of documents in Sunni books which say Shia are right. If you read historical books and some correspondence between scholars of Shia and Sunni, e.g. AlMurajiat or Nights of Pishavar you will simply find the truth. ValiAsr website has a lot of proof for Shia from Sunni sources.

Tabarani, a Sunni scholar says in his book Mujam AlOsat that prophet said: O Ali, you and your Shias are in the Heaven.

Previously in this blog, five simple proofs for Shia are provided (+) Also one of several Quranic reasons for Shia Islam is provided here: Shia Proof from Quran. Moreover hundreds of proofs can be found searching the web for the words Proof of Shia Islam or Why Shia is True…

Shia islam is true Islam and Shia Muslims are True MuslimsDear Muslims or Non Muslims who are trying to find the truth about Islam, PLEASE research before decision. READ Islamic books like Quran, Nahjulbalagha and Historical books directly not from unknown weblogs or unreliable sites. Moreover, note that Shia countries like Iran never started a war against other countries, and never conducted terrorist attacks against peaceful people. Note that all terrorist groups currently active in the world of Islam like DAESH, ALSHABA, ALQIDA, ALNUSRA, … are Sunni extremist or Wahhabis not Shia. Open your eyes and be careful. Western media want to corrupt the face of Islam, so they create, grow and support terrorist groups within Muslims and they never say good news about Shia Muslims so that the axis of resistance against arrogance and Israel be weakened.

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This article in Shia Islam

This article in Why Shia Are True Muslims

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Now I repeat the article of Islamic Thinkers site from DAESH who says bullshits against Shia Muslims! May Google index my blog as well!

Among the various E-mails that we have been recieving from Muslims who claim to be Sunnis telling us not to call Shia’s “disbelievers” with the primary reason being “Not to cause disunity” and “They still believe in Allah & His Messenger”, we tell them to refer to the scholars of the salaf and take into consideration as to what they have said about the Shia’s. In this articles are the words of the noble scholars of the past themselves. Read on to clarify your ignorant misconception once and for all. Just because you never heard any one of your collagues call Shia’s Kafir does not mean that they aren’t a Kafir. Do a little extra research and don’t be a shallow thinker who passes judgment from the surface….

Imaam ash-Shaafi`ee
On one occasion ash-Shaafi`ee said concerning the Shi`ites, “I have not seen among the heretics a people more famous for falsehood than the Raafidite Shi`ites.” [Ibn Taymeeyah, Minhaaj as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah, 1/39] On another occasion he said, “Narrate knowledge from everyone you meet except the Raafidite Shi`ites, because they invent Hadeeths and adopt them as part of their religion.” [Ibid, p. 38]

– Imaam Abu Haneefah
It was reported that often Abu Haneefah used to repeat the following statement about the Shi`ites, “Whoever doubts whether they are disbelievers has himself committed disbelief.”

– Imaam Maalik
Once Maalik was asked about them and he replied, “Do not speak to them nor narrate from them, for surely they are liars.” [Minhaaj as-Sunnah, 1/37] During a class of Imaam Maalik, it was mentioned that the Raafidite Shi`ites curse the Sahaabah. In reply, he quoted the Quranic verse, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those with him are harsh with the disbelievers and gentle among themselves. So that the disbelievers may become enraged with them.” He then said, “Whoever becomes enraged when the Sahaabah are mentioned is one about whom the verse speaks.” [Tafseeer al-Qurtubee, Soorah al-Fath; Editors note: That is, anyone who is enraged by the mention of the Sahaabah is a disbeliever, because the verse says, “the disbelievers may become enraged with them (Sahaabah).”]

– Ibn al-Mubaarak
Ibn al-Mubaarak was reported to have said, “Religion is gained from Ahl al-Hadeeth, scholastic theology and crafty exemptions from religious ordinances of Ahl ar-Ray and lies from the Raafidite Shi`ites.” [Adh-Dhahabee, al Muntaqaa min Minhaaj al-I`tidaal, p. 48

– Abu Zur`ah ar-Raazee
This great scholar was quoted as saying, “If you see someone degrade any of the companions of the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, know that he is a disbeliever. Because the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, was real, what he brought was the truth and all of it was conveyed to us by the way of the Sahaabah. What those disbelievers wish to do is to cast doubt on the reliability of our narrators in order to invalidate the Quraan and the Sunnah. Thus the disbelievers are the ones most deserving defamation.”

– Al-Qaadee Abu Ya`laa
It was reported that Abu Ya`laa said, “The position of jurists concerning one who curses the Sahaabah, believing that such an act is permissible, is that he has committed an act of disbelief. If he curses them but does not believe that cursing them is permissible, then he is guilty of immorality, and not disbelief.” [Ibn Taymeeyah, as-Sawaarim al-Maslool, p. 569]

– At-Tahaawee
In his book on the Islamic creed, al-`Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah, the author states, “We love the companions of Allaahs Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, without going overboard in our love of anyone of them or remaining aloof (tabarra) from any of them. We hate those who hate them or speak ill of them and we only speak well of them. Loving them is a religious act, and an _expression of faith and righteousness while hating them is an act of disbelief, hypocrisy and transgression.” [Sharh al-`Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah, p. 528]

– Ibn Hazm al-Andaloosee
One day during the period of Muslim rule in Spain, Imaam Abu Muhammad ibn Hazm was having a debate with some Spanish Catholic priests about their religious texts. He brought before them evidence of textual distortions in the Bible and the loss of original manuscripts. When they replied by pointing out to him Shi`ite claims also being distorted, Ibn Hazm informed them that “Shi`ite could not be used as evidence against the Quraan or against Muslims because they are not themselves Muslims.” [Ibn Hazm, al-Fisaal fee al-Milal wa an-Nihal, 2/78 and 4/182]

Their claims have been rebutted by numerous other early scholars like Ibn Taymeeyah in Minhaaj as-Sunnah, adh-Dhahabee in Muntaqaa min Minhaaj al-I`tidaal, Ibn Katheer in his history book [al-Bidaayah wa an-Nihaayah], Ibn al-Jawzee in Talbees Iblees, and al-Qaadee ibn al-`Arabee in al-`Awwaasim min al-Qawaasim.

Contemporary Scholars

– Imaam al-Aloosee
He declared the Raafidite Shi’ites disbelievers because of their defamation of the Sahaabah. His position was based on the rulings of Imam Malik and other scholars who were in agreement with him. In reply to their claim to be Ahl Bayt (the Prophet’s sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam family), al-Aloosee said, “No, they are really followers of the Devils and Ahl Bayt are innocent of them.”

Taken from fearAllah . blogspot . com

A message to Muslims who claim to be Sunnis:
– From this we can clearly see as to the positions of the Shia’s. The ONLY exception on the present reality of the Shia’s would be the “Zaidiyyah” who fall into the “ahlul bida’ah” category. Others are more complicated like the Raafidhah (like those in Iraq and Iran) who claim in their own books that the Qur’an is distorted, that the Sahabah were Kuffar except three, who accuse the honor of the propeht (saw) and in particular Aisha (ra), they curse the Sahabah, they follow their 12 Imams as infallible as if they were prophets and many other Kufr deviations. They are Taa’ifatul Shirk, meaning that they are an entity of Shirk in general though some ignorant individuals who do not beleive as their imams do may still be Muslims from Ahl Al Qiblah, their Imams are Kuffar but their awam provided they reject the kufr of their scholars may still be Muslims. However the shi’a in Iraq are openly allied to the Americans against Muslims, this is Kufr Akbar that takes them out of the fold of Islam regardless of their ‘Aqeedah.

A message to the Shia’s:
– We don’t care what you have to say in response to this. You can play your tuqiyyah all you want. Our positions towards you is clear. And we will expose you, your beliefs, your imams just like we expose everything that is clear kufr.


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